We are a small, family owned practice. We love animals and our vets and nurses are committed to providing the very best care.

Our friendly and dedicated team consists of three vets and five veterinary nurses. We strongly believe in personalised care, not only for your pets, but also for you, their owners. We offer a variety of services to ensure the best quality of life for the pets of Warwick and the northern suburbs of Perth.

We pride ourselves in treating your pet to the best of our ability and are happy to treat your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, guinea pig as well as several other types of pets!

As pet care and medicine evolves we continually invest in new equipment and train in new procedures, enabling us to provide the highest standards in pet care.

We are currently in the process of working towards obtaining silver accreditation with the International Society of Feline Medicine to become a Feline Friendly Clinic. To make your cats visit more enjoyable we have separate cat and dog consulting rooms, separate cat and dog waiting areas in reception, specialised cat friendly equipment and our staff are trained in feline friendly nursing and handling techniques. 
Click here for more information on what it means to be a cat friendly clinic.

Whether you would like to find out about our puppy and kitten combos or more about the practice, please feel free to call us for a chat! 


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